Connection through Prayer

All You Need

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All You Need

Yoga helps the mind
the soul
Helps you rewind
And start over again
Salah helps the mind
The soul
And Helps you rewind

Allah has known about this since the beginning of mankind
When the prophet flew far beyond the sky
So so so so so high
God told him go pray 50 times
Musa was like that’s crazy people are gonna die
So the prophet went back with an apologetic sigh
Multiple times
Until the number of prayers was down to five
A reasonable price
So don’t complain
And accumulate tears in your eyes
Unless it’s khushoo
Then that’s fine
But praying isn’t for him it’s for you
So get them evil thoughts out your head
Praying helps you feel alive not dead
Salah is seriously one of a kind
Arkan Al islam embedded
Just read between the lines
Ashadoo ana laa ilaha illa Allah wana Mohammad rasool Allah

is repeated at least twice
Zaka’a is a sacrifice
Prayer a sacrifice of time
a benefit in the after life
Hajj Involves salah
The kaba the house of the creator
Estakeemoo face the qibla
straight line
fasting from
And Letting your pride decline
Arkan al islam don’t lie
Salah a blessing
Salah an awakening
Salah a new beginning
Salah both a verb and a noun
Salah is calling
Salah is the answer if you ever feel down
Allah can hear your begging I know your not makin sound
But god sees you
And Senses you
And He won’t let you drown
Kneel your head towards the ground
Prayer will save you
From the evil around
From yourself
From Society
And Depression
the whispers of shaytan will cease
Salah will grant you happiness
And Peace
Salah will grant you ease
Salah isn’t for me or for AlAleem
Salah is for you and
Salah is all you need

Asalamualaikum, my name is Safiyah El-Ganainy. I am an Egyptian Muslim American: part of my identity I am very grateful for and always proud to share. Currently, I am a senior in highschool, but Inshallah, I plan on transferring to U of M Flint, and joining their Nursing Program. I actually haven’t been writing spoken word for that long. It’s probably been around a year since I discovered that I had this ability, and ever since then, along side babysitting and eating, it’s been one of my biggest passions. Other than that, I don’t really have much to say, but please, enjoy this spoken word.

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