Sillah is a blog established by a regular Muslim hoping to do something about the seemingly constant complaint of praying but ‘not feeling it’. Muslims have been praying for over 1400 years. Today, millions of muslims all over the world perform their salah regularly. It’s hard to believe that no one is having a deep experience in their salah and yet so many still cling to this practice. There’s got to be some ideas on how to make the most of it. 

That’s where Sillah comes in. The idea is that by bringing people to a space made for sharing about prayer, best practices can emerge on the ways to improve salah from many different points of practice. 


Some Muslims have been praying since childhood, while others for only a handful of months. Everyone though, is hoping for a deep and intimate spiritual experience with Allah Exalted above all. Each person can come to Sillah from wherever they are starting and find useful information and connections to move them further along their journey of connecting to Allah. 


If you’re using Sillah, you’ve become a part of the community. Consider sharing a resource or personal story about your own prayer experience. Feel like you have nothing to offer? Complete a research survey so I can get a better idea of what resources to highlight. Feel free to browse through the blog and comment on what you’ve found useful or new applications to the ideas. There are so many Muslims who are practicing and struggling with salah, and there is so much we can learn from one another. In the end, all that Sillah hopes to provide is connection through prayer: connection through prayer to one another, and connection through prayer to Allah. 


Hey There! My name is Rayhan El-Alami and I am the site founder and content curator. I select themes and articles for the website, and conduct background research to ensure content is accurate and factual. Articles authored by ‘Admin’ are largely written by myself unless otherwise noted. Other articles are submitted to the site through the form above or informally through word of mouth references. Interested in helping out? Just want to chat? Shoot an email to [email protected]


Sillah is a crowd based solution to improving the salah experience. I do not claim to have special expertise or Islamic training. Rather, the idea is to utilize the common knowledge and experience of one another to help each other improve. This website does not aim to answer any fiqh related questions on prayer. If you have a question regarding the mechanics of prayer performance please check with your prefered local imam or online fiqh resource. If you notice a discrepancy or inaccuracy in any of the content provided on the website, please contact directly at [email protected]. May Allah reward you for helping us and being a part of our community. Thank You